Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Full Moon 5K - Kaboom!!!! I exploded.

Last weekend I thought I would do a test run and see where my fitness was. Its been a while since I have run a 5K so all I know is how I used to run them.  I didn't rest for it. I was in Tulsa that weekend so I did an awesome swim workout at the Jenks Aquatic center in the morning then did a good 2hr ride on the bike. The run was in the evening. Based on my interval times, I felt that I could run high 19 to low 20 min.  I tried to get my fast running daughters to go with me but they both had excuses. It was a big race. Over 2000 people showed up for it and a Def Leppard cover band was at the finish with unlimited free beer to all. (age appropriate racers) It was going to be a nice evening for sure.

The correct way to run a 5K is to be able to hold the same pace throughout. I did exactly the opposite. I hit the 2.5 K then exploded. At 3 K I had a very strong urge to walk. Mentally I regrouped and readjusted my goal of just finishing under 21 minutes. I still managed to grab 3rd in my age group. I still can't believe that. I guess if you do the age adjusted calculations it gives me a low 18 minute 5K if I was young again.

So what went wrong. I went out at a conservative pace for me 5 years ago... not today. I also think my endurance is lacking. I've only been back at this for 5 months so I guess I can't expect too much too soon.
I uploaded my Garmin stats. Those of you who want to see how not to run a 5k... here it is. Enjoy;-)

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Last week things just started to come together. I had a few days where I couldn’t train due to work obligations so I decided to really hit it when I got a break. I got on my trainer and churned out 4 intervals of 6 minutes in the upper 270-low 280 range for an hour with a normalized watt score in the 230’s. After that, I took the bike off and went on a balls to the wall ride with the locals into the wind and hills for 22 miles resulting in a NP of 237 watts. I was expecting a social ride... Obviously, it wasn’t. After the ride I was able to run 2 miles in the 6:30/mile range by pushing the straights and jogging the curves on the track. Big breakthrough workout! That’s getting me back where I used to be. Progress through intensity. Below are the files from my interval session followed by the road ride. The hills started around 45 to 70 minutes into it. Some big numbers there. Look at my heart rate. I haven't seen numbers like that in a long time. 
I’m getting more comfortable running under 7 minutes a mile now. 6 to 7 mile tempo runs are in the 7:15- 7:20/ mile pace range currently. I’m able to negative split my long runs which is a habit I have always adhered to. 
My swimming is still lackluster. I am able to get in at least three swims a month but Im still able to hang with the guys that do three swims a week when I go. Swimming isn’t on my top priority list but as my races approach, I will have to address it. 
I came across an article in Inside Triathlon. This guy is doing just what I have found through all my years of experimenting with training really works. A link to his blog. here . It’s impressive what Sami did.  Personally, I don’t think everyone has the mental strength to train like this. Every training session involves some kind of torture. It’s not pleasant unless you are into that kind of thing.... I always have been :-)