Saturday, December 20, 2008

Don't make me get off this thing...

Well, winter has hit in Oklahoma. The kids missed two days of school last week because of ice on the streets. Now they are home for two weeks for Christmas break. This means that Rob and I are spending more time training indoors on the computrainer.

I don't look forward to training indoors on the bike. I like the computrainer just fine, but it is a distant second to riding outside. I really enjoy riding in rural Oklahoma and just being outside.

So, I have set a few house rules for this season of indoor training. Just like when my parents, driving the car, warned my brother and I "don't make me pull this thing over", when we got a little rambunctious in the backseat, I will say...
"don't make me get off this thing" when I am on the computrainer.

To my kids:
Don't ask me to make you something to eat. I don't think you will starve in an hour.

Don't ask me to fix your hair, put lotion on you, tie your shoes, or floss your teeth. I think you can do all those things yourself, and I'm sure not going to get off the trainer to do it for you.

Don't make me solve your "she/he has been on the Wii ALL DAY and I haven't had a turn!" problems. My solution is to turn it off, and you won't like that.

And for my husband -- I can't really tell you what to do so here is my "make some major brownie points" list:

Please keep your cell phone with you while you are in the house so I can ask you to bring me stuff while I am on the trainer.

Please ask me if I am about to ride before you take my bike off the trainer and put yours on. You could win "Double Browie Points" if you put my bike back on the trainer when you were finished, too. (A girl can dream, can't she?)

Please don't expect me to be pleasant when I am doing intervals or when I am at 3:20 of a 3:30 indoor trainer ride. It is humanly impossible.

We can all get through this winter if we just work together!

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