Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trifest 2009

This past weekend Dana and I flew back to Tucson, Arizona for Trifest. This is an annual event organized by A store that goes far and beyond what most stores do to cater to the needs of triathletes. Dana and I are honored to be a part of their racing team. I joined the team last year and Dana was selected to the team this year.

Dana arrived to Tucson on Thursday and I came later on Friday after work. On Friday morning a large group ride of about 300 people were escorted by police and a van from downtown Tucson to the base of Mt. Lemmon. At that point, the riders had a choice on how far they wanted to go. Most were turned back by the cold at a spot called windy point, which is about half way up.
Pictured below is windy point with a view of Tucson in the distance. It is around 7000 ft.

I love that mountain. It climbs from 3000 ft to 9000 ft at a steady 6% grade for 27 miles. There is a cafĂ© at the summit that serves great pie. Dana and I have been up there on several occasions. It’s a delicious reward for such a long arduous climb.

Trifest itself is an expo, a lecture series, and a big party to kick off this year’s triathlon season. Dave Scott and a number of other professionals were there to provide their expertise.
Pictured below: Dave Scott leads a group of Triathletes on a morning run
Dave is known for his finicky eating habits. I walked by his table and couldn't resist taking this photo. Beer and Pizza. Dave's response "It's not mine. I swear someone must have planted it there."

I made it to a few lectures and spoke to a few vendors, but I spent most of the time taking advantage of the warm weather and hilly terrain to get in a mini training camp.

Dana and I met up with Liz and Chris Waterstraat who are also on Team We know them from the cyber world but this weekend we were able to train and party together in real life. I have a big race planned in a few weeks. I felt somewhat guilty because my training plan is so regimented and planned out that I did a lot of training on my own, while Dana was off training with them. We reunited with George and Jane Esahak-Gage who we met back in the mid 90’s. Back then, George and I were always battling it out and finished with some close races. They both were involved in a bike vs. car accident a few years back and were seriously injured. George almost died. I was pleased to see him looking so good.

As I have said before, it is great to meet like-minded folks who have the same passions and goals. We have developed some solid friendships with folks from all over the country.

On Saturday night, had a party and casino night at the store for all the vendors, pro athletes and team members. There was an open bar and catered Mexican food. Seton Clagget, the owner of the store gave us his own personal tour of the facility. After meeting him, I can see why this company is so successful. He has a passion for the sport and throws everything he has at it. They currently have 45 employees, sponsor a pro cycling team, OUCH with Floyd Landis, and sponsor a triathlon team that includes top athletes like Andy Potts. Click here to learn more about This company is like a family and Dana and I feel fortunate to be a part of the team.
Seton has the red hat on. Team members gathered around as he gave us a tour
The party gets in full swing at the store.

Therefore, when you are looking to buy anything Triathlon related click on and you will find it. The other nice thing is that you don’t have to interrupt your life to shop. Your item will show up at your doorstep in a couple of days. For a busy guy like me that’s great. Below are a few photos from the week’s events.
Here's where your order is taken

Here's the warehouse. The order gets filled here.

The show room has an indoor endless pool to try out wetsuits and complete bike fit system. A lot of high dollar bikes fill this place too.

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