Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Pool: It May Not Be Much, But It Works For Me

I swim at the Downtown YMCA here in Tulsa. This place was built in the 1940's or 50's and currently not meeting building codes. It reeks of mold, and is in disrepair. It will be shut down in the next few months. The problem is, most pools in Tulsa cater to the aqua-sizer crowd and those folks demand that the water temperature be like bath water in the upper 80's. I can't get a good workout in that temperature of water. The Y keeps the temps around 80.... Perfect, and the hours fit my schedule. I feel refreshed when I finish a swim, not drained. Something good is "in the water" at the Y. Come along and join some local Tulsa area triathletes for a workout and a short tour of the facilities. 


MarkyV said...

Um... 80 is perfect???

Rob Chance said...

Oh yeah, you can talk..... Swimming in an oudoor pool, at altitude, where swimmers rule..not aqua-sizers. 80 is great when you compare it to 89. That's why I put together this little video. Folks like you. "Oh,I love training in Boulder"or "It was just so hot today training in Kona" Just give me a pool , no matter how nasty, with a decent temperature where I can get the job done. That's all I ask:-)