Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There's Something In The Water

The water in the Oklahoma River at the Boathouse Triathlon was nasty. It was brown like a mud hole. It tasted bad too. I have done some swimming in water like this as a kid so I thought, what the heck. However, when I caught my first glimpse of the water that the pros were swimming in, it did make me think. "Eeeww, I have to swim in that?" 

Well, today I was sent articles and links to pro blogs from various folks reporting that swimming in this water caused illness.  I also received an email from the Oklahoma Health Department with a questionnaire to fill out. Luckily, I only had some mild GI problems. I got a call today from the Health Department. They want a stool sample. Something was in the water and it seems that it was a little more than just mud. Some folks just had a shitty swim.

Read the article here

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tomdog said...

Well, that's crappy! Sorry, I couldn't resist. Maybe the race organizers should have been a lot more concerned when they saw the rats canoeing on some Lincoln logs. It is really too bad for the city as a lot of elites will not come back. Maybe they could have Integris sponsor it and they could offer free health care with the prize money. LOL! Glad you are OK.