Monday, April 30, 2012

April Update 2

I thought that I would post a quick update. I continue to see results in my progress. It’s encouraging to feel myself getting stronger and feeling the old Rob coming back.  I finally cracked the 160 lb barrier in weight and I’m now down to 158 (71 kg). I’m starting to get comments about my weight loss now.

I have done a few breakthrough workouts recently. Last week I did a 5 mile run followed by a 56 mile ride (200 watts NP) followed by another 5 mile run. The goal on the second run was to run it faster than the first one. I ran it one minute faster, 37 and change and it felt good. The one kilometer intervals have been making a big impact.

This week I have been riding with some of my old training buddies in Tulsa when I was able to break free from Joplin. It’s just good to get back to my old training grounds. My interval time remains on the trainer. Nothing beats it.

In March I was running my 13.1 mile training runs in 1:49- 1:45. Yesterday, the day after a long ride I was able to knock out one in 1:40. Just missed the 1:30’s. 1:40 is a pace a few years ago that would have been easy but I was very excited because it was almost 10 minutes faster than I ran a month ago. It’s looking very realistic that I could be doing these in the low 1:30’s by September.

I’m starting to think that Branson 70.3 might be a possibility.

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David C said...

Good on you mate. Soon you won't cast a shadow.