Friday, May 23, 2008

First day here

We finally arrived in Floripa Wednesday night. We checked into the hotel then headed for dinner. We booked our travel with Endurance Sports Travel, and it is definitely the way to go. They take care of everything -- hotel, transportation, bike mechanics, two meals a day… all covered. Here is a picture from our hotel balcony. The beach is right there. Awesome.

Thursday we still didn’t have our luggage, but we did have our bike boxes so we put our bikes together, had the mechanics give them a check over, and went for a little spin. Ken Glah took a group of us on a van tour of the bike and run course.

We registered for the race and went to the English speaking race meeting.

The language differences are quite entertaining. Here are a few translations that make me smile.
1. Port-o-potty is a “chemical toilet” he he he

2. When you transition through swim to bike, or bike to run, they call it a “portal” -- makes me think of an outer space portal -- “beam me up, Scotty!”

3. At the end of the race after 140 miles the race director said he will be there “to receive you”. Doesn’t that sound nice? I can’t wait to be “received”.

66 hours without clothes to change into is getting a little gross. That is stating it mildly. We got a lot done today, but I’m sure that I am pretty stinky and I want to burn the clothes that I have been wearing. I’m beginning to get a little concerned that my luggage may never show up.

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mcarnal said...


At least you have your bike...Once again kick some Brazilian Tail this Sunday!!!