Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mr. Mom

While Dana was jet setting in Brazil, I used my vacation time to be Mr. Mom and live in Danasworld. Remember that old movie “Mr. Mom “with Michael Keaton? That was me. We are also doing some home remodeling. Thankfully, I have hired the work out. I am smart enough to know my limitations and that every thing can‘t always be fixed with duct tape.

It was great to get my training in during the day while the kids were in school, and then be finished with it all by school pick up time.

Pick up time was my least favorite time of the day. My kids go to a private school so no buses transport them home. It is the parent’s responsibility to be there for pick up. Hundreds of kids are released at once, followed by an onslaught of vehicles converging on the school. You can give me a hemorrhaging gunshot wound, or a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm and I usually keep my cool and my stress level is minimal. However, it’s some thing about all these type “A” housewives in their luxury SUV’s pushing and shoving their way into the line that shoots my stress level through the roof. It makes me want to scream, and sometimes I do. There is a scene in the Mr. Mom movie where the guard tells him “you’re doing it wrong” That has happened to me. The guards have had some words with me. Every time I pick them up, I profess to myself, “there must be a better way”.

Braden, my youngest, just graduated from first grade. Earlier in the week, I took him to a birthday party at Skateland. It was nostalgic seeing all the kids skate. It brought back some memories of my own childhood. I got him into his skates quickly and made sure he was able to propel himself then I headed out to get some grocery shopping done. I had one hour, I thought this would be plenty of time. However, I failed to factor in the time in the checkout line, which took a bit longer than it should have and I was ten minutes late. Later, I heard one of the mothers of one of the other children (not the mother of the birthday boy) was frantically trying call me to pick Braden up. The party was over and I wasn’t there. A small miscalculation on my part and I was in deep dodo. When I arrived they were just loading the gifts in the car, at least they weren’t tapping their feet with cross looks on their faces. This is another reason I can’t come close to performing the responsibilities of motherhood the way Dana can. It takes precision timing and calculation, these are skills I have yet to hone.
Braden’s class had another party at one of his classmate’s homes, and since it was a pool party, parents were required to attend. I suppose that if your kid drowns, it’s going to be your fault. So twenty or so mothers were there sitting watching the kids have a great time. I was able to sit with the other mothers and talk about motherly things. I was fortunate enough to talk with a grandmother of one of the children who does ultra marathons. Now that’s a cool grandma. I had a nice conversation with her. I managed to turn her on to Hammer Nutrition. Brian Frank would be happy. I was able to get in some soft marketing for one of my sponsors at a kids pool party.

I suppose I was being too boring and the host of the party told me “if you have something else to do“……. Are you sure? Do you know the reputation I have regarding party pickups? I was there long enough to see my son in action. I was shocked when a little girl brought him a plate of snacks while he sat on his inflatable raft lounging in the pool then she got in and snuggled up beside him. I couldn’t help but get a vision of an older Braden with hotties hovering around him bringing him beer. “No, No.. Stop!!” Keep him just like he is, a happy “Star Wars” loving seven year old

When I arrived to pick him up (on time), one of the girls was getting him a cotton candy. I told him ‘Braden the party is over.” The little girl said ….” The party is just getting started” Oh boy, these are just first graders. I suppose they are second graders now.

The weather here is just right. The oppressive heat and humidity has yet to hit, so I thought it was a good opportunity to take the kids to the drive in movie. Yes, we still have one open here in Tulsa, the Admiral Twin. It was were they filmed the hit movie the “Outsiders”. This was a new retro experience that is likely to, someday, not be an option for them anymore. I hadn’t been to a drive in for years and once I experienced the sound and picture quality again, I realize why they have become outdated. However, in the past, I don’t think the movie was the main reason we went to the drive in for anyway. It was still fun to sit outside with the kids and take in this experience.

We tracked Dana on Ironman live on Sunday. She had a solid race and was 16th overall and top 10 amateur finish. If she had done any other Ironman race in the series, she most likely would have left with a Kona slot. However, it appeared that some of the fastest women in her age group showed up in Brazil that day. I am so proud of her, she can compete and train at that level and keep this family running smoothly. Believe me; it’s harder than it looks.


Bryan said...

I had assumed she went to Brazil to get a Kona slot? No?

Rob Chance said...

Hey Bryan,

Dana would have loved to have taken a Kona slot. However there was only one slot alloted to her age group. The 35-39 men, however,were given nine slots. I think most women will tell you that it's damn hard to qualify for Kona. It's kinda sad that you are in the top 16 of an Ironman and don't qualify.

Thanks for reading :)