Saturday, February 7, 2009

2009 Gets Off To A Good Start

These past few weekends some of my coached folks and my wife and kids have started the year off with a little competition and racing.

Toby Smith and Kara Cassel both took 3rd overall in the men’s and woman’s elite division of the St.John indoor triathlon. The event consisted of a 500-yard swim, 12-mile stationary bike, and a 3-mile indoor track run. Both athletes have been hitting it hard in training, and were pleased with their results.

My wife Dana, Michael Krupka, and Eric Lundt traveled to Austin Texas for the 3M half marathon on January 25th, while Dana ran well; she wasn’t pleased with her race. Both Michael and Eric ran PR times for the distance and were happy. Both are building for Ironman 70.3 Oceanside in April. I cut back on their volume this year and focused more on speed and it appears to be yielding good results.

Paige and I traveled to Oklahoma City for the Oklahoma Age Group Swimming Championship. Swimmers had to qualify for the event that consisted of prelims and finals. There were some fast swimmers at the meet and it was fun to watch. There were 12-year-old girls there who could smoke me. Now that was humbling.

The parents in the stands are just unbelievable……. Too serious for a kids meet. They carry clipboards with all their kids’ times and yell like drunken sailors in the stands. “They can’t hear you”

All I care is that Paige has a good experience and develops a lifetime fitness attitude. She had fun and won a bronze in the 200 free relay. She just missed the finals in 2 events. Her times were off her best. This was probably because we had to get up at 4:30 am both days to drive to Oklahoma City to make the 7 am warm up time. She was tired and so was I. It was good fun though.

Payton took part in the Krafft Gymnastics Friendship cup gymnastic meet in Tulsa. Dana and I tag teamed the events. While I took Paige to the swim meet, Dana took Payton to the gymnastic event and was a concession volunteer on her 40th birthday. Prior to that, she did a birthday set of 40x100 in the pool with a group of her buddies on the 1:40 send off.

Payton wasn’t happy with her performance. She fell on the beam, which is rare for her. These gymnastics kids are such perfectionists!! Payton had another Gymnastics meet in Oklahoma City, the Dynamo Classic, and this weekend and had better results. She placed 4th in the floor for the Level 7’s with a 9.4.

Braden ended up 3rd with his science experiment at the school science fair. I asked him if he was upset that he didn’t win. He said “Dad, it’s not about winning it’s just about taking part and having fun” Who told you that??? “No one” Wise kid.

It was good fun and a busy few weekends. We are currently gearing up for our Tucson training camp February 13th-20th. A large group of motivated Tulsans will be joining us for a week of fun in the sun at The Cycling House. It will be nice to just train and not have to deal with other life responsibilities. I will update our daily camp happenings on this blog. Until then….

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