Saturday, February 14, 2009

Training Camp Is On At The Cycling House

This week I won’t be inside hammering out intervals on my computrainer surrounded by a pool of sweat. Why not? Dana, I, and a group of 6 other fitness minded Tulsans have traveled to Tucson, AZ for a week long training camp. Dana and I came here twice in 2007 and the fitness we gained from that week carried us through to great performances that year.

We are staying at a unique place called "The Cycling House". Dana and I stayed here in 2007. This place caters to the fitness minded athletic camper in every way. As a guest here, you get the “pro athlete” treatment.

We shipped our bikes to the house and when we arrived, they were assembled and ready to ride. A nutritious lunch was also prepared and waiting for us. Within an hour, we were out on the roads enjoying the sunshine and the hills.
It is such a pleasure to just train, and have everything else taken care of. All you have to do is train and relax. The rides are supported by a sag and they provide a guide to ride with us to make sure that we don’t get lost. The support riders aren’t slouches either. They all come from a professional cycling background.

I’m a Hammer Nutrition guy, so I find it nice that there is a pantry filled with all the products I need for my long rides and recovery needs. Dana and I only brought one small bag with us on the plane, which was nice. I think I had more crap with me the last time I flew when I did Escape from Alcatraz. Now that was an adventure.

Last night after everyone arrived we had a nicely prepared salmon and saladfor dinner. Yum! All the food here is great. It was my birthday, so a surprise cake with candles and the traditional birthday song was for desert.

Yesterday we managed to get in a 20 mile bike ride and a 5.5 mile run with some tempo intervals. The official start of the camp is today and we are planning on a 4 hour ride with some intervals followed by a swim and a run. The outline is on the grease board.

Breakfast at the cycling house. Today was oatmeal and awesome pancakes with fruit.
Andy and Sam are getting ready to leave for a 24 hr mountain bike race called "24 hrs of old pueblo"

I will try to update daily since I will have tons of time on my hands.

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